About Us

A passion for lounge robes and jackets turned into this website where we offer the finest affordable smoking jackets!

Preston was in search of the perfect lounge robe and smoking jacket, he found that the options available were poor quality and made of thin, flimsy materials that fell apart quickly. Frustrated by this lack of options, he decided to create his own line of high-quality lounge robes that would stand the test of time and not break the bank.

So, Preston set out on a mission to create the best smoking jackets and lounge robes available. He searched high and low for the finest materials, collaborating with skilled craftsmen to bring his vision to life. And thus, Smoking Jackets was born - a website that offered luxurious, high-quality smoking jackets and lounge robes at an affordable price.

Preston knew that there were others out there who shared his love of these stylish garments, and he was determined to create a platform where they could all come together and discover the perfect smoking jacket or lounge robe for their needs. He put his heart and soul into the website, working tirelessly to ensure that each and every product met his exacting standards of quality and style.

Today, Smoking Jackets has become a go-to destination for anyone looking to add a touch of sophistication and style to their wardrobe. Thanks to Preston's hard work and dedication, the website is filled with a wide range of stunning smoking jackets and lounge robes, all crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. And with each satisfied customer, Preston knows that he has achieved his goal of creating the very best smoking jackets and lounge robes available.